⭐Mobile Duck (China Mobile) Data SIM Card (All Models)


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⭐4G 70GB 365-day Local Data Prepaid SIM Card (HK$157)

⭐4G 70GB本地365日數據上網卡 (港幣157)

⭐Registration is not required for your instant usage upon purchase
⭐Tethering is supported
⭐Most global websites and programs can be connected (please understand and abide by the laws where you are before connecting)
⭐Customers pick goods up at the company for a designated time, please make an inquiry and appointment first 
⭐Free pick up at "Hongkong Post" Office (mobile phone receives a message to pick up, no ID verification, high privacy)
⭐Additional 5% off for purchasing two pieces or above
⭐Quality packaging
⭐Guarantee 100% brand new original Hong Kong licensed goods
⭐Comprehensive after-sales support services
⭐Please make an appointment first before visiting
⭐Payment methods: cash / bank transfer / Octopus O!ePay / FPS / PayPal / Alipay / WeChat Pay / BOC Pay

⭐付款方式: 現金/銀行轉賬/八達通O!ePay/FPS轉數快/PayPal/支付寶/微信/中銀支付
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