⭐HUAWEI Router (All Models)

⭐華為 路由器(所有型號)

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⭐HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro (1 Base + 1 Satellite) (Enhance WiFi signal/transfer WiFi signal without being interfered with by walls) (HK$839)

⭐華為 Q2 Pro 子母裝 (增强WiFi訊號/轉移WiFi訊號不受牆壁阻隔) (港幣839)

⭐HUAWEI WiFi AX3 Quad-core (WS7200-20) (HK$436)

⭐華為 WiFi AX3 Quad-core (WS7200-20) (港幣436)

⭐HUAWEI Four Cores WS5200 (HK$311)

⭐華為 四核 WS5200 (港幣311)

⭐"Huawei" information in the Global 500 of "Fortune" website 《財富》雜誌世界五百強網站的「華為」資料:https://fortune.com/company/huawei-investment-holding/global500/

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